Testimonial from Ruchi Kattar to the services of Life at Your Doorstep:

God never comes on his own to the earth but there are messengers who guide us through our life — and roshni Palliative Care’s help during the most traumatic journey of losing my mother to cancer was god sent.

Mrs. Shanti, Trustee of roshni, introduced me to Dr. Gayatri who enlightened me on how best we can together take care of my mother who was at the end stage of her life, suffering from cancer.
The support from the team visiting my mom at home, and the guidance of the team of doctors was so important for me to face the death of my mother, for which they prepared me mentally. They showed my mother immense empathy in her deteriorating condition. I could go on and on praising the commendable support rendered by the roshni Trust — Life at Your Doorstep for their physical and emotional support but I have not enough words to thank them.

Ruchi Kattar, December 28, 2016