Psycho-legal Services by Dr. Vrushali Reddy, Psychologist


In India we have various laws to protect our rights like fundamental rights, property rights to Human rights. More particularly women have more rights like, Dowry Prohibition, Domestic violence to rights in the property. Many are standing in ‘Q’ waiting in different courts to get justice, but by the time these rights are implemented they are losing more than a generation period. They are distressed, frustrated and depressed, as they are not able to implement the court orders and benefits for several reasons. This is affecting their family life, financial and social status, and Mental Health. One solid reason for this is, most of them are ignorant about their legal rights, procedures to establish their rights and how to implement the orders and judgments they get in their favour after a long struggle.

Comprehensive Psycho-legal Services (CPS), deals with different types of psychological problems that people face while taking legal action. This is particularly related to marital conflicts, which is more distressing. The purpose of CPS is to make the litigants to understand the purpose of these laws, the procedures to implement them, value of evidence and its implications. This type of awareness will make them understand what measures they have to take in their particular case, rather than opt for what is advised for them to follow. For e.g., lodging a criminal case against the spouse may not serve the purpose if the wife is only in need of Maintenance to survive. Many such unnecessary litigation can be averted by creating Psycho-legal awareness among the masses approaching the Police Station or Courts.

Roshini Counselling Centre, a well-known NGO, working in the field of supporting the cause of Mental Health and various other services from disability and Mental disorders among children, adolescents, couple conflicts to serve the aged population, is now coming forward to offer Psycho-legal services to the clients. RCC is rendering services through their experts in the field of Law and Psychology in the following manner: