Emotional Triggers By Dr. Omesh Kumar, Psychiatrist, Roshni Counselling Center


Mental Health, so whenever we hear this term it mostly reminds us of Depression, Anxiety, or Bipolar. Breakup – Depressed, Things are mess- Depressed, mood swing- Bipolar, Very specific in certain things – OCD, likes organized things – I am OCD, if you deny with your words – Split personality. we use the word in our day to day life in such a lame way

There is a lot of difference between being in depression and feeling sad, being in Anxiety and feeling Anxious. if one is becoming persistently sad, he might be having his issues, it can be better understood in a different way by understanding his triggers.

Consciousness and emotions are related. There are Three Levels of Human Consciousness-The Conscious, Unconscious and the Subconscious Minds . The sub conscious mind plays a major role in our personality, which stores everything since our childhood, the way we were brought up. It kinds of mould our personality and our thought process. likewise forms certain coping mechanisms. It is not always necessary to go through a typical traumatic incidents to form these patterns, not being heard in the family, controlling parents, financial issues which leads to control your wishes, or wants, not been seen or asked for the things that you wanted, bullied In the school, comparison with other children, relationship issues, seeing parents argumentation, all these un processed emotions if suppressed at that moment leads to certain type of patterns and leads to unhealthy thought patterns, like trust issues, not able to set boundaries, people pleasing, self doubts ,low self esteem not able to say NO, wanting constant attention, lots of insecurity, over thinking, lack of attention etc

And these suppressed emotions becomes the trigger and we instead of focusing on why it happened? What can to be done? We continue to blame and doubt ourselves or be in the guilt and regret. which is an unhealthy way to solve our problems. which eventually gives way to maladaptive patterns and personality, as it happens time and again even with the slightest provocation

And also these subconscious unprocessed emotions in the mind after a point fills up and unable to take it and then pushes to the physical body, which comes out as body pains, not able to sleep, loss in appetite, loose interest on the things, zoning out from the conversation,fearfulness, breathlessness, palpitations panic attacks etc. which eventually ends up as depression or anxiety disorder at the end.

Continues Negative emotions are usually very uncomfortable: sad at getting rejected, feeling of disappointment, feeling of loneliness, hurt, low all these emotions are something very one had to deal with, and the people around us suggests that don’t over think, things will be fine, everyone has their own issue but can you stop thinking about the failure, rejection, disappointment or anything that has just happened? No we cannot but still we try to get over from a situation, distract by going out, meet people and try to push our self and later we feel more exhausted, we get irritated by small little things happening around us.

So it is very important to validate our own emotion first, understand triggers(current situations) rather then getting carried away by someone else’s opinion. Our overwhelmed thoughts are not real, it has nothing to do with our reality, even the thoughts are from the insecurity that we carry from our suppressed emotions and we often get carried away with our thoughts and come to conclusion without any evidence. Is there any evidence that things will go wrong? Or you can’t pass the exam? Or cant get the job? The fear because things did not happen in the first attempt so it will not happen, this is also subconscious giving you all the reason to not to go for it, and we do get carried away that leads to cognitive distortions which leads to consequences and our mind focuses on the outcome that things did go in a wrong way.

So first acknowledge the emotions, sit with it, immediate analysis of overwhelmed emotions at that moment won’t be doing justice to our problems, our emotions need comfort, validation, and analyze it when you are in a better state to understand.

if smallest incident is troubling you ,which leads to snow bowling effect. Present problem is always the trigger. So as a Mental Health professional, it is suggested that whatever the triggers are… identify the root cause because a small social media post can trigger your thought, so instead of avoiding or shutting down your thoughts understand where it is coming from and then try resolving it. you can look things always from your past, if there is any baggage’s from the past, emotional baggage, unhealed patterns, unhealthy coping mechanisms.

we do not have to immediately react to every thought or emotions .Always be AWARE of your emotions, UNDERSTAND them, ACKNOWLEDGE them, try to ADJUST to them if needed, if its still not helping ADAPT to them…always take help from your family and friends. At the end how we console and convince our helps is what really matters .Remember it doesn’t have to make sense to ten people around you, if it is making sense to you .

Just allow yourself to get comfortable to emotions. we should only react how much is needed not less not more and then try to validate rather then looking for a escape. Try to set short term goals which will lead to Long term goals according to your problems

Always advisable to talk to mental health professional for better understanding of thoughts and triggers.